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If you’re considering partnering with GEB for your insurance, we want you to understand how we work. Our process isn’t just a phone call and a signature—we’re diligent, thorough and engaged, because we’re committed to getting your coverage right and managing it properly over time.


We get to know you and your business, your perceived risks and strengths.


You share your current coverage information with us, so we can have a clear picture of your insurance program. The more information you’re able to give us at this stage, the more we’re able to help in the stages that follow.


We do a comprehensive audit of all the information you’ve shared with us, seeking out overlooked risks.


We review our findings with you and map out steps we can take to manage your risk as a client of GEB.

Signing On

When you become a GEB client, we outline how we’ll prioritize and address the gaps found in your current risk management program over a 12-month period.


We break down action items by month, determine responsibilities and address each risk in turn. Some items are automated, while others are scheduled throughout the year based on your schedule.
Nine-to-five doesn’t apply here—we’re there when you need us.


We repeat elements of the Evaluation and Planning steps two months before your coverage renewal date, so you’re clear on any new or persistent risks and can go into the renewal process armed with information.

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